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“ As an accredited staging professional firm, Pretty Regal is skilled at highlighting the best features of every home.”


People want to feel good. Pretty, luxurious spaces elicit feelings of pleasure and calm. As an accredited staging professional firm, we are skilled at highlighting the best features of every home.  Sell your property faster and for top dollar by having Pretty Regal create a space where people want to be. 

Homes Listed for Sale

Statistics show that staged homes sell 2-11x faster than unstaged marketed homes and for as much as 20% more. The investment in professional staging is always less than reducing the sales price of a house that’s sitting on the market.  Don’t leave money on the table.  Pretty Regal is your staging expert.

Short-Term Rentals

Differentiate your rental property from the rest with a Pretty Regal design that gets attention. A well-staged vacation rental can help you increase your bookings and command a higher rate.

Builder Model Homes

Prospective buyers know the quality of your product. Now, close the deal by showing them a beautifully staged model home that they can’t stop dreaming about!

Our process


A walk through of the property is conducted to include a full assessment of the exterior curb appeal and overall presentation of the interior of the home.


The client is provided a summary of recommendations for staging the property themselves. This may include valuable advice such as depersonalizing the property, updating or remodeling considerations, removal of excess furniture and rearranging furniture to create an open flow that best showcases the space.



The client is provided an estimate for hands-on staging conducted by Pretty Regal. If the client opts to proceed, Pretty Regal stages the property (including the addition of furniture and accessories, as needed) and coordinates the pick up of all staging items at the agreed upon time.


Staging is tax deductible as advertising under IRS  Publication 523 (see your accountant for details).


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